Protomorph is a character from FNaF6 Plush. He is known as a minor villain in the series.


Protomorph was first seen in FNaF6 Plush: Principal Pennywise. He was awakened by Darl Bot to find the Robomorph and capture him. In the next episode they found Dingaling, but didn't know he was currently possesed by Glitched Creeps. Later, they were going to capture him but Protomorph had a change of plans and wanted to kill him. Once he got Darl Bot out of his way, he went to attack him, but Golden Freddy came in and took him away. In Protomorph attacks, Protomorph found Dingaling and told the others his story of him and Robomorph. Once he realized he said to much, he decides to kill the entire class. He only ended up chasing Dingaling along with Molten Freddy and Scrap Baby. Once he finally cornered them, he was attacked by Darl Bot in Bertha. Protomorph later killed Bertha by ripping her apart. Once he was about to end Dingaling's life, he ran out of battery and was shut down. He later died during the end of the episode.

In FNaF6 Plush: The Date, Glitch Creeps returns outside only to find Protomoprh's grave stone. The episode then ends.


  • In an episode of The Dark Arrival by Travis Plush Productions, Darl was looking at the final events of Protomorph, and saw how he killed Bertha and tried to kill Dingaling. He later shut him down using The Program.
  • From the ending of The Date, it's possible that Glitch Creeps will resurrect Protomorph in a certain episode.
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