Molten Freddy is a character from FNaF6 Plush.


Molten Freddy was created by Glitched Creeps after a lab accident that caused his best friend Partytime to go into Dead Space. Molten Freddy with no memory of his past as Partytime or Glitched Creeps was sent to an alternate universe. When coming to this universe, Molten freddy came from the sky right by Funtime Freddy in the video FNAF6 Plush:Funtime Freddy's Son. His Best Friend is Scrap Baby. He is the Main Protagonist throughout the FNAF6 Plush Series. Unlike BB, He prefers to be at school.


Molten Freddy is a Custom with his Body being Ennard's Body and His head formerly used by Funtime Freddy.

"I'm moving around! Molten Freddy! All in 1 piece!"
~Molten Freddy, near the end of Happiest Day Reset

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