Dingaling also known as Robomorph is a character from FNaF6 Plush and The Ennard and Ron-Ron show.


After Funtime Freddy had Molten Freddy as a son, Ennard wished he had a son. Then Dingaling came up and said "Ocean Man". Then Ennard said Dingaling was beautiful and accepted him for his son. Dingaling is now a character is FNaF6 Plush and The Ennard and Ron-Ron show.

Dingaling participated at school with his friends but was captured by Golden Freddy a few times but he managed to escape by himself or because of his friends.

In one episode he was captured again by Darl Bot and got trapped in an unbreakable box along with him. But after a month he was busted out by Glitched Creeps, Kevin, Mr. Enderman, and Jack. After that he faked Molten Freddy's death and finished off Plushtrap by turning into his true form. The world was reset and he was back to his original state as the cute innocent self he is.


  • Ocean Man
  • His Freinds


  • Songs that aren't Ocean Man
  • Darl Labs
  • School