Bendy is a character from FNaF6 Plush and The Ennard and Ron-Ron show. He is the adoptive brother of Dingaling.


Not much is known about Bendy other than the fact he is the son of Alice Angel and Mr. Satan. One day, Alice broke up with Mr. Satan taking Bendy with her. Soon they met Ennard and Ron-Ron. And Ennard shown Alice around while Ron-Ron took Bendy to get some ice cream. Bendy also became Dingaling's new step brother and is now going to school with him. After many episodes, the school was shut down. Ron-Ron, Yoshi, BB, and Bendy went back to the school to get stuff Mr. Satan left behind. While they were walking over a thin platform with the glitched river underneath them, Glitched Creeps saw what is going on and pushed Bendy into the river. Luckily, BB grabbed a bat and pulled Bendy out of the river, but he didn't feel to good. When Bendy got back home he looked in the mirror and saw what seamed to be, Ink Bendy.

He was reset so he didn't exist anymore, but Shadow Freddy reset the world again back to normal making him back to normal state!


This plush is an official plush by PhatMojo.


  • Bendy is from a horror game called Bendy and the ink machine.
  • Despite not being related to FNaF, Bendy is a character in the FNaF6 Plush series.